Installed 23 Hydration Point in “Run for Non-Violence by Wadha Group

Installed 23 Hydration Point in “Run for Non-Violence” by Wadha Group organised by Gondia Police Department Gondia Today Network Gondia : Keeping in mind the end goal to stir the young inside the Gondia District, The Police Department ran the 7620 aggressive inside the peacefulness marathon sorted out by Police Department names as “Run for … Read more


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Gandhi Jayanti 2018 Inspirational Quote

“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” October 2 is Gandhi Jayanti. 1) If you are not happy about anything in your world or society, be willing to change it within yourself first. Don’t complain. Complaining won’t take you anywhere. Nothing will change unless you change. 2) Happiness … Read more

FDA Raids on Dr. Peshne’s Clinic

Adulterated drugs seized; fraud cases filed; Sensation in patients

Gondia Today

Nagpur : Food and drug administration raids at Ayurvedic medicine at Gayatri Hospital of Suresh Peshine, a famous Ayurvedic doctor, Nagpur, who is playing Along with Allopathy Medicine in Ayurvedic Medicine. When the administration officials sent the samples of the medicines and sent it for inspection, it was found to be adulterated. Crime cases were registered against Prashnagnagar and Jupitera police stations, along with fraud, along with fraud. Ayurvedic doctors have caused a lot of excitement due to the administration’s action, and the patients who have been treated by the patients have also been shocked. Suresh Kanhaiyalal Peshne, Priyanka Kaustubh Gupte (Peshne) and Prathamesh Ayurvedic Agency in Mahal are the names of the accused.

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Essential And Simple Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls To Look Flawless


Growing up is all about rediscovering yourself. And teenage is the time when you are just on the threshold of adulthood and pretty conscious about your appearance. You find yourself experimenting with everything – trying to discover a whole new world of makeup, beauty, skin care, and what not! You try, you fail, and then … Read more