भारत की पहली Crowdfunding Platform द्वारा “Come in CDK” फिल्म के लिए क्राउडफंडिंग अभियान शुरू


नई दिल्ली, 12 मार्च 2024 – आज के बदलते समय में फिल्म फाइनेंसिंग का नया रास्ता खुल गया है। नाम की भारत की पहली क्राउडफंडिंग वेबसाइट ने अपनी शुरुआती फिल्म परियोजना “Come in CDK” के लिए नया अभियान छेड़ा है। यह फिल्म एक रोमांटिक हॉरर कॉमेडी है जिसकी कहानी विराज नाम के लड़के की … Read more

घर से काम करने के घोटालों का खुलासा: आज के परिदृश्य में स्वयं की सुरक्षा करना

  COVID-19 महामारी के मद्देनजर, दूरस्थ कार्य के बढ़ने से नौकरी चाहने वालों में घर से काम के अवसर तलाशने में वृद्धि हुई है।  हालाँकि, इस नए लचीलेपन और सुविधा ने घर से काम करने के घोटालों में वृद्धि का मार्ग भी प्रशस्त किया है।  दूरस्थ रोजगार खोजने के इच्छुक व्यक्तियों को धोखाधड़ी वाली योजनाओं … Read more

Everyone should work for a nation service

We must recognize our own responsibility for the country. The soldiers who sacrificed for the country’s service will not be wasted. The Indian Army is not behind anywhere.

Gondia Today

Gondia: We must recognize our own responsibility for the country. The soldiers who sacrificed for the country’s service will not be wasted. The Indian Army is not behind anywhere. Our soldiers protect the country from the border, so you are safe. Therefore, everybody should work efficiently for the country’s service, said the District Collector, Kambambri Balakwade.

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Need smart airline services

Gondia Today

Mumbai : Whether the state needs a new airport, a terminal building or even a new airport in Maharashtra, within 24 hours? What to do when the basic issues like water, education, and health facilities are not solved? There is a turnaround. This is the classic ‘confusion’ in our minds about aircraft, airports and related services! There is no clear explanation for why you want air travel. We will see that the reflection of all of our policies has fallen.

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“New face of India” Surgical Strike Manifest : Rathore

NEW DELHI: The 2016 surgical strikes manifest the “the face of new India” as the country is willing to cross all limits to protect itself, Union minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathoresaid on Friday on the eve of the military action’s second anniversary. The Information and Broadcasting Minister, while speaking on the sidelines of an event here, said … Read more

Sabarimala Verdict Updates: ‘Can’t Use Religion to Deny Women Right to Worship’, Rules Supreme Court

Gondia Today
Source : “Prohibition can’t be regarded as an essential component of religion. Women are not lesser or inferior to man. Patriarchy of religion cannot be permitted to trump over faith,” Misra said while reading out judgement for himself and Justice Khanwilkar. The apex court was hearing a clutch of pleas challenging the ban on entry of women between 10 and 50 years of age into the Sabarimala temple in Kerala.

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FDA Raids on Dr. Peshne’s Clinic

Adulterated drugs seized; fraud cases filed; Sensation in patients

Gondia Today

Nagpur : Food and drug administration raids at Ayurvedic medicine at Gayatri Hospital of Suresh Peshine, a famous Ayurvedic doctor, Nagpur, who is playing Along with Allopathy Medicine in Ayurvedic Medicine. When the administration officials sent the samples of the medicines and sent it for inspection, it was found to be adulterated. Crime cases were registered against Prashnagnagar and Jupitera police stations, along with fraud, along with fraud. Ayurvedic doctors have caused a lot of excitement due to the administration’s action, and the patients who have been treated by the patients have also been shocked. Suresh Kanhaiyalal Peshne, Priyanka Kaustubh Gupte (Peshne) and Prathamesh Ayurvedic Agency in Mahal are the names of the accused.

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Employment in Gondia’s tourism development


Extensive employment opportunities from tourism in taluka Salakesa tehsil Maharashtra – The beauty of the state is at the top of the state and the Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh state is beautiful and forested taluka. The nature given by nature to this taluka is immense.

Gondia Today

Saleksa: Extensive employment opportunities from tourism in taluka. Salekasa tehsil is a beautiful and forested taluka adjacent to the top of the state of Chhattisgarh and the state of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh. The nature given by nature to this taluka is immense. From this nature, through the gifted tourism, many people in the taluka will get immense opportunities of employment.

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3,67,851 construction workers in the state


Mumbai : The Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board has completed the registration of nearly one and a half lakh construction workers in a total of 40 days under special registration campaign. In particular, in the first phase, the Savvadon Million Construction Workers were registered under the special registration campaign for the 40 … Read more