Bhagyashree’s misfortune is the misfortune of rare disease

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Gondia : Bhagyashree is only five years old. … But, the harsh reality has shattered her misfortune. Due to a rare disease in the medical field, it has come to her in the dark room. Seeing the painful pain that is suffering unbearable pain in the unforeseen age, water from the bones of the living beings is getting water.

The name of this Baby, which is considered to be very rare in the medical field, is a colloidal skin disorder, Bhagyashree Rajesh Raut. Rajesh, working at Navegaon Dam in Gondia district, Arjuni works in a drugstore at Morgangaon. After the marriage, cradle was removed in Rajesh’s house for the second time. Babita gave birth to a cute girl on August 17, 2013. But, by the time of her birth the whole family shook at her state. Raut family was shocked to see Bhagyashree’s skin being rough and rattling due to swollen cats and wounds. This family is taking care of her. Bhagyashree can not walk in the sun. The heat was a part of her body. Due to the water coming out of the skin, it causes persistent heat. That is why she has to live a home in a garage room. Although this disease is hereditary, it is rare. Having such a relationship, there is the risk of being born with such a condition. Normally there is risk of mucation in genes at the interval of four generations. It does not have a permanent solution. However, according to the modern therapies, it can be regulated by the associate professor Dr. K. Vaishali Shingade said in the affirmative.

What is the true Colledian Baby?

Due to the complexities of gonorrhea, the colloidal baby is known as a very rare disease associated with skin. Every six hundred thousand children born with this rare disease have a risk of 50% of the risk of birth. In medical terms, medical science says that due to mutation in the pair of 14 and 15 of human genes, the child may be born with this disorder.

It was found in Bhagyashree

District Disability Rehabilitation Center and Gondia Zilla Parishad of Nagpur had organized special campaign for disabled students during January to March 2018. At that time, Raut’s family had come with Bhagyashree. The special case was that Bhagyashree did not get any treatment at all. District Co-ordination Rehabilitation Center coordinator Abhijit Raut took the initiative and brought her to the first government medical college for inspection. While struggling, she also got crippled certificates.

To get involved in education Par. School Guarantee

Zilla Parishad School prepared by Navegaon Band has been prepared to join the school in future for the next academic session stuck in a hail of rare illness. The initiative taken by the school of the Zilla Parishad in the remote, tribal areas for Divya children is definitely welcome. This positive step has been taken by Naxalism in the district, organized by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan coordinator of Gondia district Vijay Thokane.

What’s the trouble?

Unbearable pain

Skin covered with whole body

Dryness due to continuous open skin

Vaginal pain caused by dry skin, bleeding on occasion

Dryness in the eyes


Disability Policy Includes …

Due to dysfunctional defects due to malnutrition, children who are born with incurable disorders will not be rehabilitated. Many such unfortunate children like Bhagyashree lose their existence. It has become necessary for the policy decision to bring them into the main stream of society.