Two brothers who burn their father’s house got Arrested

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On Wednesday (26th) at around 8.00 pm, Arjuni was seen at Mahurkkuda in Morgaon taluka. The incident of burning a house threatened to beat the father’s father by placing a house in the name of his brother named after his brother.

Bondgaonwi: The incident happened on Wednesday (26th) at around 8 pm in the month of March at Mahurkkuda in Arjuni Morgaon taluka, with the threat of assaulting his father by placing a resident of his father named after his father in the name of his brother. Meanwhile, the brothers arrested the brothers who were burnt to death by the father’s complaint.

According to the information received, Puniram Mukunda Kolhe of Mahurkunda lives together in the house named after wife Rekha and the elder son Rishi, Sune Nalini, daughter happiness, and the younger son Hamesh. The baby boy Priyanka is a mother of four years. The couple repeatedly kept father-in-law punished for the purpose that both the children living together should give their home and farm land to their name.

At around 4 pm on Wednesday (26th) the father returned from the village Arjuni-Morgaon. At that time, the big boy and the daughter-in-law fight started. The father tried to intervene when the son and daughter-in-law were fighting. Our older son is fighting us because of you. While giving your name a house in our name, while talking to a big brother while taking a second car, the younger brother also responded to the request of the big brother. While the sub-narrative is going on, the elder son gets his happiness in his hands and gives it to my father’s house, otherwise he will threaten the land and give it to the father. The father tried to solve the marriage. Both the boys threatened to kill father Paniiram.

Due to all this, Paniram, who was scared of this, complained by approaching Arjuni Morgaon police station. While returning to the village after complaining, both the boys burnt the diesel with the help of a towel and burned them on the house.

On the complaint of Puniram Kolhe, the police arrested Roshikumar Kolhe and Hameshkumar Kolhe for committing crimes under section 436, 323, 504, 506, 427, 34 of Bhandavi. Further investigation is being conducted by Assistant Police Sub-Inspector Manik Kharkate under the guidance of Police Inspector Shivram Kumbhare.