Homework at the hotel, Waiting for the bus

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Students walking to the long distance from the hollow house of the English education fad and quality education are waiting for the bus to stay in the hotel.

Vadegaon: A shocking type of English-education fad and homework waiting for the students awaiting buses for long distance education from the hollow house of the Hoksakkhara house is going on in nearby Birsi.

Students should be able to get admission in the modern era and send them away for education to the hawkers and parents of quality education. But learning to go far away is not something non-existent, but the type of playing with the life of the student continues. Birsi Phata of Tiroda taluka is traveling on ST bus or private bus for primary, secondary, convent and junior college education at village Birsi situated on Tiroda-Nagpur national highway. Bercy is the main street on the main street. But from here, between 5 and 7 pm, human development buses are not available for students to travel. This requires students to sit for hours and an hour or so in Birsa Fatah. Many times students sit at the hotel and do homework given by the teachers. Since the students are asked about this, they do not have time for home work at home because they have night to go home from school. So students are sitting in the hotel bus station and doing homework. When the medical officer of Wadegaon, Dr. Vaidya Patil realized that the primary health center was brought to the notice of the public representative, it was brought to the notice of the public representative. In the name of English education, Dr. Patil has appealed to the attention of the villagers about the physical development of the school and the students, without having to play with the life and future of the student.

Depot Manager

Students stay at the hotel for two hours waiting for ST bus at Birse. When the information about the Manav Vikas Bus, which was going to Birsi, was asked by the deputy manager of the Tiroda ST Depot, where he has been working for the last three months in the Agra area and he is unaware of the bus stand.