Legal Literacy for Students in Gondia District

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Legal Literacy and Vigilance Awareness Program was organized on ‘Child Service Rules and Child Protection’ jointly by District Legal Service Authority District Court and Munnalal Chavan Janta High School in village Chutia in Taluka.

Gondia Today

Gondia: Legislative literacy and awareness awareness program was organized on ‘Child Service Rules and Protection of Children’, jointly by District Civil Service Authority, District Court and Munnalal Chavan Janta High School of village Chutia in Taluka. Principal N.K. Ledaram Pardhi, Archana Nandhadne and Jyoti Bharane were present in the program organized by Shade.

While guiding students on this occasion, Paradhi introduced the District Law Service Authority and its procedure. The number of children in the country is large, and the right to be protected from child trafficking, children with care and protection needs, injuries to children, abuses, headdressing. Education is also the fundamental right of children. The District Legal Service Authority said that children who live in remote rural areas can not get help from the law even though Students need help.

Nanddhane, aware of the rules of transport and how the phone is misused by children. While filling the information about the government’s motivation scheme, Bharane informed that he has been given financial help to the Government to get the prestige and confidence in the case of sexual assault, sexual harassment of the child and acid attack case.

Progeammed bt G.G. Bagele, R.S. Kadam, R. P. Katre, R.V. Kapagate, V.J. Tambhera, S. K. Shende, D.P. Meshram, B.U. Bhaktwarty, D.H. Rahangdale had other employees and a large number of students were present. Operations B N Shende did it.