Personality Development through Competitive Examination

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Deewari Nagar Panchayat chief Rajendra Chikhalkhunde said that during the current competition, the competition is not limited to competition examination but it is useful due to personality development.

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Deori: Rajendra Chikhalkhunde, the chief officer of the Deori Nagar Panchayat, told the students that the competition is not limited to competition exams in the current competition, because it is a development of personality.

Guidance workshops were conducted under the competition examination and career awareness awareness campaign jointly organized by Dinabandhu Rural Development Institute Deori and Shape Foundation Nagpur in local Manoharbhai Patel College. This time he was speaking. The workshop was started with the contribution of Nansisant Tukdoji Maharaj and Mother Saraswati to the wreaths and university songs.

Principal Dr. Arun Zhengre, President of Dinabandhu Rural Development Institute, Kuldeep Lanjewar, Head of Cultural Department of the College, Dr. Varsha Gangane and librarian Chandramani Gajbhi were present.

What is the competition for muddy competition? What is competition competition? How to study competitive exams? The students were given detailed guidance on the importance of competitive examinations. He also told students to travel to the headquarters of the competition and prepared themselves for competitive examinations.
While guiding the subject of competition examinations, Zhengre has the ability to complete this dream by seeing a great dream of life and it is time to awaken it. He appealed students to fulfill their dreams. Why does lanjewar need awareness campaign for competition exam from the introduction? Guided by

Student representative Kuldeep Baghel, who conducted the program, said that the student representative of Vandana Netamam accepted the vote. College students, along with Harshvardhan Meshram, Gopal Chanap, Arun Mankar and others for co-operation have contributed.