Police and Naxal fighter in Marjab-Kosbi forest

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Gondia: Police-Maoists encounter a dense forest near the Marjajob-Kosbadi in the middle of Deori-Chichgad. This incident happened around 9.45 am on Thursday. Under the growing pressure of C-60 soldiers and police, the armed Maoists, who are in the 40’s to 50, fled the forest. At this time the police has seized the literature of the Maoists on the spot.

Under the leadership of Superintendent of Police Harish Baijal, in the Madarajab-Kosbi forest area under Chichgad police station, there were 40 officers and employees of the Police and C-60 jawans, who were operating anti-Maoist campaign from 8 am onwards. At around 9.45 pm, 40 or 50 armed Maoists of the CPI (Maoist) organization in the Marajjob-Kosabi Jungle area, 14 km from Chichgad, found in uniform. They had weapons. They shot the police towards the police party to kill them. Police and officers of the police party fired as a response to the firing by the Maoists. Meanwhile, after rising police pressure, Maoists fled to the forest and fled to the forest. After that, there was a pressure cooker, bomb, circulars and naxal literature in the search operation conducted by the police. After this incident, the camping operation begins in the area from late evening till late evening. District police forces are searching for the Maoists.