The dead will be slaughtered and the house is closed

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There is a shocking type of death of a person living in the village and the cancellation of the sanctioned house in his name. This has happened in Kohima under the Panchayat Samiti here.

Gondia Today

Sadak-Arjuni: A shocking type of death has been abolished in the village and the cancellation of the house sanctioned on his name has come to an end. This has happened in Kohima under the Panchayat Samiti here. Due to this nature, the villagers are very angry with the villagers for the service of the Gram Panchayat, and the demand for action against the guilty is being demanded.

Pramod Waman Tadose, a resident of Kohamara, was sanctioned for the housing scheme of the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme in the year 2016-17. Senior officers and employees come to the village to check for the approved list inspection. But the officials and the employees did not have the opportunity to investigate and sit in the house and inquired into the house.

If the related beneficiary panchayat committee has gone to inquire about the crib, it appears that they were dead. Tadose is financially vulnerable and has been living in a house because he is not home to live. Tadose’s ward number 3 is located in Kohima and now he is living in a dorm room. The talukas are said to have been given homework to the needy people who have a big house without giving them a crib. This does not help the needy and poor beneficiaries of the crib scheme. It means that the deadline to cancel the house of a living person by giving him a death. Therefore, Tadosi is demanding that Gharakul should be given to such irresponsible and careless officers and employees.

Tadose will be given justice after taking action against the employees of the crib list.
Rajesh Kathane, deputy speaker P. S. Sadak-Arjuni

Responsible officials related to Panchayat Samiti and Zilla Parishad need to pay attention to such serious issues. Needs should be given to the needy beneficiary. It is a serious matter to reject the death of a living person by giving a death sentence.
Madhuri Palode, ZP Member, Gondia

The house-to-house will be provided by inquiries related to the beneficiary. Action will be taken against irresponsible employees.
Poetry Rangari, former P. Sabappati Sadak-Arjuni