Employment in Gondia’s tourism development

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Extensive employment opportunities from tourism in taluka Salakesa tehsil Maharashtra – The beauty of the state is at the top of the state and the Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh state is beautiful and forested taluka. The nature given by nature to this taluka is immense.

Gondia Today

Saleksa: Extensive employment opportunities from tourism in taluka. Salekasa tehsil is a beautiful and forested taluka adjacent to the top of the state of Chhattisgarh and the state of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh. The nature given by nature to this taluka is immense. From this nature, through the gifted tourism, many people in the taluka will get immense opportunities of employment.

It is in this taluka of the forest and the number of people working in agriculture. Similarly, there is no industry or small scale industries available for the youth of the taluka but the manufacturing industry is not available by processing the farm. Therefore, there are very few employment opportunities for the youth in the taluka. On the basis of which the talukas that nature has given to the taluka, in this situation, immense employment opportunities will be available to the youth of this taluka. And also proved by a tourism sector in the taluka. Hazarafol, which is 12 km long from the Salakesa Taluka headquarters, has provided jobs to the youth at around 200 in the village of Hazra, near HazraFal near today. Hazrafal area was developed in large numbers by the joint effort of the Navatola Forest Management Committee and forest department Gondia Salekasa. That is why in today’s tourism sector, there is a huge crowd of tourists. Also in the other seasons, along with the tourists in the district, the state and Chhattisgarh state of Madhya Pradesh are coming up as a special holiday spot for tourists. That is why it is becoming a medium of business for the youth in this field. Employment is available to the youth within and outside of this area.

The need for development of kacharag

Kashi, Kachchargad is the largest tourist destination of Gondi Dharma, situated in Salekasa taluka. Where there is a big trip in the month of the month. It attracts millions of tourists and comes during this period. A big market is created here. Where hundreds of people are employed. But at other times even after the development of this area, opportunities will be given to increase tourism, which will also give huge employment opportunities to people living near this area.

The grace of nature is on the Talukas

Nature has given several nature tourism areas to Sailakasa taluka. There are many places like Ambagad. Which are neglected in terms of tourism. If the development becomes possible, there will be employment opportunities available in tourism business. Due to the proper development of the dam, such as the Pujititola, Managadh and Manpu, there are huge employment opportunities available to the people around this dam due to the people coming to see these dams. Similarly, if proper development of many religious places like the Godmata Temple, Ardhnareshwaralaya, Trilokeshwarham, Pogonjara Ashram, Domotola Shiv Mandir etc., this place can also provide employment opportunities to many youth in Tehsil by promoting the tourism business of Tehsil.