FDA Raids on Dr. Peshne’s Clinic

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Adulterated drugs seized; fraud cases filed; Sensation in patients

Gondia Today

Nagpur : Food and drug administration raids at Ayurvedic medicine at Gayatri Hospital of Suresh Peshine, a famous Ayurvedic doctor, Nagpur, who is playing Along with Allopathy Medicine in Ayurvedic Medicine. When the administration officials sent the samples of the medicines and sent it for inspection, it was found to be adulterated. Crime cases were registered against Prashnagnagar and Jupitera police stations, along with fraud, along with fraud. Ayurvedic doctors have caused a lot of excitement due to the administration’s action, and the patients who have been treated by the patients have also been shocked. Suresh Kanhaiyalal Peshne, Priyanka Kaustubh Gupte (Peshne) and Prathamesh Ayurvedic Agency in Mahal are the names of the accused.

In the absence of a license, the Food and Drug Administration got information that the sale of adulterated drugs was done in the Gayatri Ayurvedic hospital of the village. Medical Inspector Satish Hirasing Chavan, Shrikant Phule, Monika Dhawad and their colleagues planned to raid Gayatri Ayurvedic Hospital at Godavari Complex in Hingana T Point area and raid at Shri Gayatri Ayurvedic Dispensary at Bhilgaon on Kamthi Marg. The observer went there on 20th September. He asked for a ‘orthylin’ drug to a woman working in the medicine. She gave 30 capsules. However, there are no tips on this. Immediately afterwards, the authorities took the medicine plant. The capsules, tablets, whistles and liquids were found in it. It did not have a group number, date of production, expiry date, name and address of the drug manufacturer. At the time of raids, Dr. Priyanka Gupte was present at the dispensary in Bhilgaon. In front of them, administration officials took samples of five drugs. These samples are sent to the drug control lab for inspection. Two days later the laboratory report was reported. It has become clear that the drugs are forged and adulterated. When asked about these medicines, it has been purchased by Pruthmesh Ayurvedic Agency. After that, the administration officials gave a serious complaint in the police station. The police filed cases against the police, Gupte and Prathamesh Agencies against the provisions of Section 33EEA and Rule 161.1 of the Drugs, Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rule 1945.

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While the dispensary started, the squad led by Inspector Mahesh Gadekar raided the house of Prashankar Yogesh Raut of Ayodhya Nagar in Namdevnagar. Employees in Yogesh’s house have information that the empty capsules, medicinal capsules and capsule refilling machines were found.

Gondia’s drug company on Radar

Prathamesh’s agency said that it had bought the orthodoxy Capsule seized from a drug maker in Gondia. The administration officials asked the officials of the company in Gondia district about the capsule. The officials told the authorities that the related capsules were not prepared by the company. Therefore, the director of Prathamesh Agency has misled the officials of the pharmaceutical administration, but the company is also on the radar of the administration, sources said.