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Mumbai : Whether the state needs a new airport, a terminal building or even a new airport in Maharashtra, within 24 hours? What to do when the basic issues like water, education, and health facilities are not solved? There is a turnaround. This is the classic ‘confusion’ in our minds about aircraft, airports and related services! There is no clear explanation for why you want air travel. We will see that the reflection of all of our policies has fallen.

If we look as a state, the airports of the state are in our state, so rich in comparison to other states. Only by paying attention to the list of airports given with them, you can get it. Nearly every half-a-kilometer distance in the entire state is also an airstrip, where diagnosis can take off small planes. Such facilities have already been created in the state very soon. Then it will be important to see what is happening today’s main airport.

Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur are the international airport in the state. Among them, the Mumbai airport now offers more than its capacity. Mumbai has been in need of an alternative airport since last 15 years. You are still waiting for the Navi Mumbai Airport. Pune airport is of military. All private development depends on their findings. The amount of time spent after the army’s needs are met is given to private transport. Not only the airport premises; If the army drills to be used in the sky around the surroundings, time limits will come. Air transportability is far less accessible than the city and the area as much as is needed. It is currently used for some domestic and international passenger traffic. Having finished the dependence of the army at the army station of Pune, Pune needs to have full civilian airport. There are unlimited merchants and carpets in Pune city and surroundings. It can be used only after getting the civilian airport in Pune. International airports that are both Aurangabad and Nagpur can be used for twelve months. But 10 percent of the capacity is not even used. There are so many international travel services that can count on hand from Nagpur. There are no international services from Aurangabad. All Marathwada has to go to Mumbai or Pune. Shirdi and Nanded have been seeking international service from both airports since last many years. Shirdi Airport has just started. International travelers can easily reach Shirdi via Gulf countries. Nanded is an important pilgrim center for Sikh community. Canada, London, USA, if it offers connectivity twice or thrice a week, service can be started here.

Pilgrimage tourism is an important business in your state. Shirdi, Nanded, Kolhapur should be developed for these airports. Ashtavinayak, Wani, Mahur Gad, Jotiba, Tuljapur, Pandharpur, Haji Malanggad and many places of pilgrimage in the state; At that place minimum permanent helipad should be created. The person who wants to get there should arrange helicopter permissions immediately. Many tourists are urged to visit Tirupati and Kolhapur in our own one-sided tour. The overall lack of capacity has become a feature of the Kolhapur Airport. There is a small runway, no night landing facility, not enough staff, it’s all about ‘Nanna’. It is very important that the government has started to look into this airport and steps have been taken to increase the runway besides providing night landing facilities. If this happens then Kolhapur will be able to move forward as an important airport for passenger traffic.

The development of the recently concluded Sindhudurg Airport, which was a trial-laden land, should have been developed as a national airport. Goa Airport is a naval airport. For a short time this airport is available for passenger traffic. At the first time of the flight to Goa, nobody will notice that the tourists are not comfortable. If the option of international airport is available at Sidhudurg, then many airlines can opt for Sindhudurg Airport as an alternative to Goa’s inconvenient times. Being an international tourist shade like Goa, Sindhudurg’s tourist destination is so much damaged. Though Sindhudurg arrives at the airport as a facilitator to go to Goa initially, it will automatically benefit Sindhudurg Tourism over time.

Mumbai’s tension stretched

Mumbai Airport is one of the most important airports in the world. The capacity of this airport is not only inadequate, but has been stretched to the extent. There are many services in this airport; There is no need to be there. There is no justification for why the cargo plane in the Mumbai airport should be removed. The cargo cargo cargo from Mumbai and parts of the world comes to Mumbai, and then the truck passes across the whole of Mumbai to Nashik, Pune, Gujarat or Konkan. Basically, the Mumbai airport does not have capacity, and Mumbai’s roads do not have the ability to carry additional trucks. All these cargo planes must be sent with force to the Ozar. As long as Mumbai does not get land clearance, it is time to travel around the airplane