Former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni recently made waves when he asked a fan for a box of chocolates.

The incident happened during a public gathering or perhaps a cricket game where Dhoni mingled with his supporters.

Dhoni's kind act to his admirer rapidly gained popularity online.

The video of this touching moment was widely disseminated on social media by fans and other sources.

The video highlights Dhoni's approachable and modest attitude, winning him even more admirers.

Such occasions deepen the link between Dhoni and his admirers, who number in the millions both in India and throughout the world.

This episode demonstrates the close relationship that sports stars like Dhoni may develop with their followers.

Social media sites were inundated with comments and postings applauding Dhoni's humility and his sincere love for his followers.

The inc ident with the chocolate box served as a reminder of Dhoni's continuing appeal and position as a cricketing legend.

The way that Dhoni interacts with his followers in this video serves as an example for other famous people to follow.