Prior to the pivotal Asia Cup match, the Pakistani fast bowler gets ready to meet Virat Kohli.

Before the crucial game, Virat Kohli and a Pakistani paceman are scheduled to square off.

A powerful Pakistani fast bowler gets ready for the much anticipated match against Virat Kohli.

The Asia Cup is made more exciting by the matchup between Kohli and the Pakistani fast bowler.

Attention is drawn to a high-profile encounter between the renowned cricketer and the sensational Pakistani pacer.

As the Asia Cup nears, Virat Kohli and the Pakistani speedster will square off.

It should be an exciting spectacle when Kohli and the Pakistani fast bowler square up.

Cricket fans anxiously anticipate Kohli's matchup with the powerful Pakistani pacer.

The competition between the two players before the contest intensifies.

Prior to the Asia Cup, pre-match conversations between the rival players heat up the rivalry.